Water & Sewer


Water Service

The Village of Williamsburg maintains the water distribution system that serves customers within the municipal corporation, and in some surrounding areas outside of the Village.

The Village buys water in bulk from Clermont County via two cross-connections, one along State Route 276 and one along Old State Route 32.

Water Rates:
In Village:
$20.51 per 3,000 gallon minimum
$8.58 per 1,000 gallon over minimum
Outside Village:
$30.77 per 3,000 gallon minimum
$12.86 per 1,000 gallon over minimum


Information about transferring service or installing new service can be obtained from the Public Works Department page.

Capacity Fee:
$1,935 plus $680 installation for 3/4″ residential meter

Call the office at (513) 724-6107 for cost for other size meters.


Online Payments Now Available

The Village of Williamsburg is pleased to announce the launch of its new online billing and payment service through Invoice Cloud, offering customers greater flexibility to view and pay their utility bills online. Additionally, customers will have more choices to pay their bill, including by phone and by text. For additional information, download and review the online payment flyer.

The new, easy-to-use payment portal provides customers with quick access to their account to view bills, check their balance, make payments and enroll in paperless billing. Features include an “at a glance” dashboard, securely storing payment information (if requested), and more automatic payment options including: choosing a specific day for payments to process, email reminders, and linking multiple accounts. For customers that choose not to create an account, they can view their current bill and make a one-time payment without registering. Click here to make a payment.


Consumer Confidence Reports

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Sewer Service

The Village of Williamsburg maintains its own waste water (sewer) treatment plant.  This facility is located at the dead end of North 2nd Street.  The operation of this plant is regulated, inspected, and permitted by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Sewer Rates:
$31.92 per 3,000 gallon minimum
$11.08 per 1,000 gallon over minimum

Capacity Fee:
$3,400 installation for single family residential

Call the office at (513) 724-6107 for cost for other size meters.

Sewer adjustments may be available to water customers for high consumption events such as pool fills, excessive lawn watering, water leaks that do not go into the sewer system, etc.  For more information on whether you may qualify for a sewer adjustment, please contact the Utility Clerk at (513) 724-6107 or via email.

To download a sewer adjustment form, click the following link.

Sewer Adjustment Form


Sewer Jetting

The Village of Williamsburg Department of Public Works offers sewer jetting services to all residents.  This service is available to each property owner two (2) times per year.

Sewer jetting is a procedure that attempts to eliminate a blockage within a private sewer service lateral (the line that runs from the sewer main to a private residence/business).  This is done by running a sewer jet line into the cleanout, generally located near the residence/business, and running the line toward the main.

If you think you have a blockage in this section of your sewer line and would like to request this service, you may contact the Utility Clerk at (513) 724-6107.