Welcome to the Village of Williamsburg

Located approximately 25 miles east of Cincinnati, the Village of Williamsburg, Ohio offers great amenities with a small town feel. A historic downtown filled with unique shops, restaurants and seasonal events is just one of many attributes that draw visitors to this community. Small-town charm, civic pride, friendly people and a great school district makes Williamsburg the perfect place to call home. For more information about the Village of Williamsburg call (513) 724-6107.

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Being connected to the Community is now more important than ever before from small businesses to residents. We are just a phone call away at (513) 724-6107 to discuss your services and to update your contact information if needed during this COVID-19 crisis.

Open for Business!

Williamsburg provides a variety of resources and incentives to assist both small and large businesses. Contact us at (513) 724-6107 to learn how you can start growing your business or open a new business in Williamsburg.

COVID-19 Information

The Clermont County Health Department has been designated as the public authority for COVID-19 information and enforcement.  Visit the Clermont County Health Department for guidance for your family and business.   MORE INFORMATION


Water Quality Report

The 2019 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is available to review at your convenience. Paper copies are available at the Community Building at 107 W Main Street. Please call (513) 724-6107 with any questions about the report or if you would like a paper copy.

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Emergency Program

Clermont County received $6.1 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds for renters through the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.


This program covers rental payments that are late and overdue as well as utility payments, including gas, electric, fuel oil, trash removal, and water and sewer.


Clermont County residents can apply by emailing Support@CCCSI.org or by going to www.CCCSI.org .



Clermont County Health Department has created a COVID-19 vaccine webpage with information about the timeline and how to register for the vaccine.

How do I sign up for the vaccine?
If you or a loved one falls into group 1B and is eligible to be vaccinated, please complete the
COVID-19 vaccine waiting list.

For questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine availability in Clermont County, please call (513) 735-8500.


An additional resource for vaccine locations in Ohio are available on the Health Collaborative website.


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Payment Options!

Residents and businesses are able to use a variety of convenient options to pay their bills online and by phone.

No registration is required for “One Time Pay,” the fastest way to pay online and confirm payment.

Your information is kept confidential, secure, and backed by the highest security standards.

You may also check your account balance 24/7 with our automated phone service. Call (855) 948-1925.



Public Meetings

The public is invited to attend Council and Committee meetings. The meetings are posted on the calendar for your convenience. Feel free to call (513) 724-6107 for additional information.



2021 RESET

The YMCA has created a transformation program that may help you with your New Years Resolutions! The free 6-week transformation program includes virtual fitness classes and content for healthy living. The program begins on February 1, 2021. Mark your calendar and text RESET to 844-889-6222 to join.

Mayor & Council

As the legislative branch and governing body of the Village of Williamsburg, the Village Council’s major function is to adopt policies, which generally take the form of ordinances, resolutions, and budget appropriations.

Mayor Mary Ann Lefker

The Village of Williamsburg operates under a statutory form of government with a strong mayor. The mayor is the chief executive of the village. The mayor is the president of council and attends all regular and special meetings at which she presides. The mayor advises council from time to time relative to the finances of the village and as to the general conditions existing within the village.  The mayor serves a four year term.

Mary Ann Lefker mayorlefker@williamsburgohio.org


Village Council

Williamsburg Village Council operates under the general plan of government prescribed for villages in the statutes. All legislative power, and certain executive powers, are vested in the village council and must be exercised by that body. Council is composed of six elected members. They are elected on an “at large” basis by the elector of the village. The Vice Mayor is elected by the Council members.

Tim Wood  (Vice Mayor) twood@williamsburgohio.org

Gary Collier  (Councilman)  gcollier@williamsburgohio.org

Mark Herren (Councilman) mherren@williamsburgohio.org

Steve Maham (Councilman) smaham@williamsburgohio.org

Anthony Pearcy  (Councilman) apearcy@williamsburgohio.org

Randy Mercer  (Councilman) rmercer@williamsburgohio.org

Contact the Village

If there is anything you are looking for that you can’t find, please feel free to contact:
Village Administrative Offices at (513) 724-6107
Police • Non-Emergency • at (513) 724-2261