Snow Removal

Williamsburg Department of Public Works is responsible for the removal of ice and snow along public roadway within the municipal corporation of the Village.

The removal of ice and snow is completed on streets in a priority order.  The general priority order for snow and ice removal is as follows:

  1. Main Street (old State Route 32)
  2. Public Streets with moderate to severe grades
  3. All intersections

The Department of Public Works utilizes plowing and salting for snow and ice removal.  The Village is not responsible for the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks.

Submit a Public Works Maintenance Request

Do you have brush or leaves that haven't been collected?  Do you need your sewer lateral jetted?  Do you have other questions or requests for service for the Public Works Department?

If you have a service request, simply contact the Utility Clerk at (513) 724-6107 or via email.