Village Council

As the legislative branch and governing body of the Village of Williamsburg, the Village Council's major function is to adopt policies, which generally take the form of ordinances, resolutions, and budget appropriations.

To be a member of Council, a person must be a registered voter and a resident of the Village for at least one (1) year prior to their election.  All members of Council serve four-year terms, as elected by majority vote.   If there is a vacancy in a Council position, members of Council, may appoint someone to fill the position through the end of the term.

Mayor Mary Ann Lefker
Appoints members and oversees all Committees, Police Department and Village Operations
Chairperson of Economic Development Committee,   Personnel and Tree Board
Serves on Safety Committee, Finance Committee, Records Committee, Tax Review Board and Facilities & Equipment Committee

Vice-Mayor Tim Wood
Fulfills all the duties of the Mayor in her absence. Chairperson of Facilities & Equipment Committee
Serves on Economic Development Committee, Finance Committee and Planning Committee

Clerk/Treasurer Michael Murray
Oversees Village Budget, Accounts Payable and Receivable and Public Records
Chairperson of Finance Committee and Tax Review Board

Village Solicitor Mike Minniear
Serves as the Village Solicitor

Councilman Gary Collier
Serves on Parks & Recreation Committee, Safety Committee and Facilities & Equipment Committee

Councilman Dave Fiscus
Serves on Parks & Recreation Committee, Utilities Committee and Tree Board

Councilman Mark Herren
Chairperson of Planning Commission
Serves on Finance Committee, Personnel Committee, Safety Committee and Tax Review Board  

Councilman Dr. James King
Chairperson of Parks & Recreation Committee
Village Representative to CECOS Committee
Serves on Utilities Committee and Tree Board

Councilman Randy Mercer
Serves on Personnel Committee, Utilities Committee and  Economic Development Committee